A date night at Charleston Restaurant in Baltmore, MD

This was a first for Alyssa and I. We each got 6 courses, but I opted for going all out and got wine paired with each course for mine. We took pictures of each of the 12 dishes, except for our two desserts, six glasses wines, beer, and cocktails. You’ll notice some of the dishes […]

Fix KitKat’s stock mail app’s “read email” sync issue

When I first upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4 on my Samsung Galaxy S4, I noticed that while the IMAP push option for email was a truly welcome addition, email still wasn’t syncing correctly. Primarily, if I marked an email asĀ readĀ from another email client (desktop or web browser), it would not be marked as read on […]

Dependency injection out-of-the-box with ASP.NET vNext

I recently wrote a blog post about sharing Dependency resolvers between MVC and Web API, but I got excited to see this article from MSDN today. I’m a huge proponent of Dependency Injection to decouple service and the pluggable architecture it brings, so I’m glad to see if taking a front row seat in the […]

Fixing a botched Sitefinity upgrade

My company uses Sitefinity CMS for content management. Overall, it’s not terrible. It has its share of issues, limitations, and flat-out bugs. Our version at the time was 6.1 and our plan was to upgrade to the latest 7.0 version. We had skipped out on about 2 minor releases and a handful of bug-fix updates, […]

Share Dependency Resolvers between MVC and Web API

I was messing around with a web project last week that required the use of MVC 5 and Web API in the same application. I was also experimenting with Unity, as it was my first time and had usually chosen something like MEF or StructureMap to handle my dependencies. Previously, I also went the “classic” […]

Finding the time to stay relevant

I was asked recently by a fellow developer how I stay relevant with what’s out there. As someone with two small kids, finding any time to catch up on what’s current is a continuing difficulty. I have RSS subscriptions, follow dozens of developers on social networks, and subscribe to several .NET and other development magazines. […]